Saturday, May 7, 2011

Writing an Ebook

I had no idea that I would be able to make use of a project that I had written for a client about two months back. I was asked to write an e-book. At first I couldn't believe it. I mean me write anything about muscle mass... I am more like a fan of cupcakes and chocolates... did I forget to mention ice cream?

Anyway, I managed to write it. Thirty pages of material about how to gain muscle and the role of diet and sleep (not a peep about chocolates in there... sigh) and even exercises. Then... after seven days of slogging... the client says... he doesn't like it. Ouch... my pride took a mega hit!

He sends me an outline that is about as exciting as having a root canal and wanted me to fill in the blanks. So, I did... fill in the (mega huge) blanks and gave him what he wanted. He seemed happy.

The thing is I got stuck with an e-book that I originally wrote. It was stuck saved in my computer in an obscure folder. Then, my good friend Neris (don't kill me, you should be happy at all this free publicity for your name) gave me a coupon for a site that dealt with e-books. It was a free membership for one month.

I registered with the site, downloaded some great books for free. And then it hit! I could submit my e-book! It would no longer languish in the dark recesses of my laptop. It would see the light! People would be able to read it! Maybe a major motion picture in the works!! (Okay so that was going a bit too far there. You can't blame me for dreaming.)

So I uploaded the e-book and it is now out there and getting downloaded by people who appreciate my efforts! You have no idea what kind of boost that gave my flagging self-esteem. LOL

You can take a look at it too and download it... it has no irritating links or sales pitches (it is all boring plain text though). If its useful to you then I am so mega happy. If not, well, uh.. ah... er... um... sorry I guess.
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