Saturday, August 20, 2011

Posting From My Android

I normally post using my computer but I want to try posting through my Android phone.

Technology is amazing. When I was a child, writing meant pen, paper and deep concentration to ensure my writing was legible. Then, I learned how to operate the most amazing thing to me at the time -- our portable typewriter.

Phones then were wired, black, bulky and had rotary dials. Very few people had them. There were party lines which meant our line was shared with another. Just our luck that we had a party line that never seemed to do anything else other than spending hours on the phone. If you needed to make a long distance call or an international call, you called an operator and that sometimes took a long time. Plus, the call would cost an arm and a leg.

Television sets had wooden cabinets and manual channel dials. One had to get up from your chair and turn the dial every time you wanted your channel was to be changed. The same thing with the stereo. It had two big speakers, a record player, a radio and a tape player that used those round tape reels the size of saucers.

Talking to friends meant getting out of the house and going over the neighbor's or wherever the friend was at.  One had to walk, knock on a door and politely ask whoever opens it if the person you wanted to speak to was home. If friends lived far away, one wrote letters and  went to the post office to get them mailed. One had to be sure the postal address was neatly written with no errors lest someone else get the letter. I remember having to stand in a queue to get stamps, then take the stamps and "lick n stick" them on the letter envelope, then slide the letter envelope in the mail slot. 

These days one gets on a computer or mobile phone and, behold.... your friends are there on the screen. Sending them messages is simply through a few clicks. Isn't technology grand?

However, I miss writing on paper. I miss the loving strokes of the pen to write the words I wanted my friends to read. I miss getting real greeting cards that had real human writings on them. I miss waiting for the mailman. I miss the excitement of opening an envelope and reading letters. Who cares if they were written weeks before... they were my friends' words... their stories.

Today I can write a blog. No such thing as a blog when I was growing up. That may be unthinkable for the "net generation" of today. :)

So here I am... using a small and skinny (to me anyway) gadget called a mobile phone to write a blog post. Amazing! 
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