Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Christmas Wrapping Ideas

The thing about gift-giving is that wrapping can be a challenge. We all want to make our gifts stand out and be as unique as we are. Here are some ways that gifts can be wrapped in eye-catching ways.

Sheet Music
Wrap your gifts using sheet music featuring Christmas songs. The sheet music can be photocopied and enlarged on thick paper which can be used to wrap your gifts. You can decorate the package with simple colorful bows, a few pieces of different color yarn, or fancy bows. 

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Kitchen Towels
Kitchen towels can become beautiful wrappers for gifts. You can simply decorate your gift with a colored ribbon. The great thing about kitchen towels is that they can be made use of instead of paper wrappers which may be just thrown away.

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If you are thinking of giving a friend or loved one, who loves to cook, some small items that are useful in the kitchen, you can place the items inside a pocket potholder. The potholder becomes the wrapper and is also part of the gift! Just tie it with a colorful ribbon near the opening to secure the gifts as well as serve as the decoration.

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Jars make great gift containers. You can put homemade treats, sweets, small gift items, jewelry or anything that will fit in it! Cap the jar and finish your gift off with a big bright bow and you are all set! 
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Wine Glasses
A stemmed wine glass makes the perfect gift holder. You can simply tie a colorful ribbon or small bow on the stem or near the mouth of the wine glass to give that decorative touch.

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There are so many other ways to creatively wrap gifts using many different materials. Even empty paint cans can become great gift containers if you just use your creativity and let your imagination run wild.
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