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Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is probably the most awaited holiday of every year. It is the time when families and friends take time out to get together, party, exchange gifts, and enjoy the holidays. As much as we all enjoy opening presents from under the Christmas tree, the current economic situation is not about to make things easy.

However, that does not mean that we should go to extremes. There are a lot of people who tend to go overboard with the gift giving even if it means they max-out all their credit cards. This is never a good idea. There are many ways we can give presents this Christmas without breaking the bank.

  1. Gifts of Homemade Goodies
If you have some culinary talents, you can always give gifts that you have made yourself. Gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, pies, tarts, jellies, jams, cakes and even breads make great gifts. You can save some money as you can buy all the ingredients a few at a time until you have enough to make several batches of goodies. You can also go creative and wrap your goodies in unique ways. You can try using canning jars by simply placing a colored piece of card inside so that the recipient will not be able to the treats. You can decorate the outside of the card anyway you want. Place the cookies inside and top with the lid. Make it all Christmassy with some different colored yarns tied around the jar or use colorful bows.
For pies, you can place them in foil trays that you can either wrap in colored cellophane, colored paper or use recycled boxes wrapped in colored paper. You can even make designs on the outside of the box and pretty it up with a ribbon, bow, or even twine. 

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  1. Gifts of Crafts
If you have skills with crafts, you can make unique gifts. If you love to knit, you can make scarves, mittens, gloves, or even beanies. Should you be the type who loves to do come carving, small items that you have spent time carving will make great gifts.
Skills in carpentry can be used to make great gifts like small jewelry boxes that you can make out of small pieces of wood that you may have just lying around. Small shelves that can be used to house DVDs or as a spice rack.
When needlework is your forte, you can make embroidered pouches for eyeglasses, small zipped coin purses, laptop covers, tablet pouches, throw pillow covers or even soft toys and dolls for children. Quilts are always great gifts and you can make small ones for friends and family who make a young child.

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  1. Gifts of Books
Books make wonderful gifts and it is guaranteed that you will find a book on any subject you can think of. Just take some time to think about the interests of the people you intend to give books to, and you are well on your way. Books need not be expensive as you can always find great treasures in the guise of used books. You can even browse the hundreds of e-books available on the internet and spot some really great free ones that you can download, save in a small thumb drive and give as a gift. You can even write your own if you love to do some writing.
  1. Gifts of Time
People these days are always on the go and spare time is hard to find. You can offer your time for your friends and loved ones this Christmas. If you have family who has recently had a baby, you can offer to babysit their small child so the couple can have some time alone and bond.
You can make little coupons on pieces of card paper and write your “time certificates”. It can say “this entitles the bearer to a car wash” or “you have just won the chance to have me do the dishes for a week” or even “Santa gives you my gutter-cleaning services this weekend”. There are many other ways you can give gifts of your time to your dearest friends and loved ones. The best thing about it is, you do not have to spend a lot of money making them so happy.

This Christmas, you need not spend sleepless nights thinking about what to give as gifts to your near and dear ones. You can give them the most special gifts that they can ever hope for and all you need is some creativity, imagination and a lot of love.
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