Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Heat is On!

It is a sweltering 43*C outside this Thursday afternoon and being indoors is just a tad less hot. Its been a week now since the heat has been way above average. Normally, this type of temperatures fry, us around June. This year, we are getting barbecued early. 

It is so hot that we guzzle water like there is no tomorrow. The lemon tree can produce enough fruit to keep up with all the lemonade we drink. The refrigerator is screaming for mercy. My dogs are begging for more ice chips than the poor contraption can make.

A lot of people have been struck by heatstroke. My Mom was one of them. That was when I got so scared that I decided to play the role of family driver and drive my parents around. We are luckier than most that, one, we have a car; and, two, we are willing to suffer the price hike of gasoline quietly. 

Moi... I stay indoors... thank, God I work from home. I have an allergy to sunlight (I am not sure what they call it and I am not that good a speller anyway). The skin on my arms start to turn red, itch and grow teeny-weeny bumps once they get a dose of hot sun. Takes forever for the creams to work, though they do work. They leave a dark discoloration that takes a year or two to get rid of. That is why I am thanking my lucky stars that I have found a way to earn money from home. I can only imagine how students and those whose work takes them outdoors must be going through (I used to be one of them before my allergy started).

Neutrogena Spectrum and Sunblock, SPF 100, 3-OunceWhen I do have to go outside, I have to make sure I wear long-sleeved blouses (in this heat, that is like a curse), bathe in sunblock (Tip: pick a sunblock that doesn't feel sticky after you apply it and allows your skin to breathe), and keep a tube of skin cream in my bag just to make sure. Open the tap in the afternoons and the water is hot enough to make coffee (I guess that saves on cooking gas, doesn't it?)

The thing is I love where we live. It is a small village in rural Punjab, India. Almost everyone around here is a farmer. The fields are a sight to behold when it turns into a sea of green and breathtaking when it turns into a sea of gold when the crops ripen. There is little hustle and bustle. People are asleep by 9 p.m. and the roads are quiet (except for the dogs, owls and other creatures of the night). The mornings are picture perfect. The birds serenade the town with their chorus of melodies. Watching the birds and the squirrels move about is better than watching a soap opera on television.  The only problem is the hot summers.

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Well.... hot summers, and the difficulty getting cooking gas, and the pathetic internet speeds, and the power outages, power surges (sometimes they are bad enough that they will fry appliances... Tip: get stabilizers and the really powerful ones) and the bratty village kids who make such noise in the afternoons that you would want to bang your heads against the wall .

But I digress.... heat.... heat.... heat.... even standing near a door to the outside is like standing in front of an oven. You can literally crack an egg on the veranda, sprinkle some salt on it and enjoy. It'll take less time (and less cooking gas!) to cook it that way. Did I mention my laptop had gone off three times because of overheating? (Which reminds me... Tip: if you are like us and all you have are ceiling fans to help beat the heat, put a rolled handkerchief or small towel under the side of your laptop where the fan is. That will make it tilt enough to get some slightly less warm air. And make sure you sit right under the ceiling fan while you're at it)

Oh well... enough of my whining... it won't make the heat less intense if I whined all day anyway. So I guess I shall raid the refrigerator for, what will hopefully be, a bottle of cold water (fingers, toes, arms, legs, and even eyes crossed) and hope there will be no power cuts today so I can continue enjoying the warm air of the ceiling fan and maybe attack the ice cream in the freezer.  After all, why waste good ice cream by risking it melting when the power goes out? (woops! see... power gone! sigh...)

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