Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love Peacocks

Among the many things I truly love about living in a small village is that I get to enjoy a lot of things city dwellers can only dream of. There is a lot of fresh air, a lot of greenery and vegetation, a lot of open spaces, and a lot of animals roaming free without fear of ending up as dinner at someone's table. (Never mind that there are things city dwellers enjoy that we don't... like a steady power supply.)

One of the creatures I truly adore watching is the peacock and the peahen. They are such great, albeit noisy, birds who love to go from rooftop to rooftop looking for stuff to eat. Most people in our village make sure they have a bowl of water and some grains for food left out for the flocks. I make sure I keep a water bowl replenished with water every morning. :)

peahen on the veranda

The colorful ones with the long and lovely tail feathers are males. The females, or the peahens, are beautiful too but they have grey feathers and some splash of dull green. I love watching them as they perch on our roof. I notice that the young chicks are normally taken out by a peahen around the neighborhood in what I can only assume (moi am no scientist, you see) is an effort to keep the chicks together and teach them how to fend for themselves. 

peacock on the roof

Early every morning and at duck, the peacock who leads the flock calls out from the highest rooftop he can find (they have favorite perches) and call his family home. There are about three flocks within our immediate area that I know of. 

the wondrous colors of a discarded peacock tail feather

I have always tried to take photos of them whenever I can but they are very shy and finicky creatures that scare easily. I have always dreamed of taking a picture of a peacock while he is displaying his colorful tail feathers. I can only see it done from afar and it is hard to take pictures with a lowly camera phone. 

a discarded peacock feather

Both peacocks and peahens fly at pretty low heights and they often get snagged in electrical wires. It is a sad day when one or two get electrocuted. We village dwellers love them. They are part of our lives. When one gets injured or sick, there are some people who try their best to take care of it and nurse it back to health.

a peahen on the roof

Although I truly cannot say that no one think of them as pests. They tend to eat even vegetables and many people do complain that their produce gets eaten. There are still some people who leave poisoned grain out for them. But, thank God those people are still fewer here than anywhere else where the peacocks and peahens are practically killed for their meat.

a peacock on the neighbor's house

I fervently hope the village we live in never becomes a city. Not that I have anything against progress. It is just that having the joy of seeing such wondrous creatures as peacocks and peahens as part of my day is something I would not want to give up at any price.

peahen on a tree

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