Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making Dahi Bhalla

I love dahi... it is basically homemade yoghurt (or fermented milk) made by putting a drop or two of previously made yoghurt onto slightly warm milk. The things is making it can be a pain at times. If the milk is too warm or too cold... not even bowl full of yoghurt will make it coagulate.

Plain Dahi

The thing is... I love to have some dahi with my meals. Especially if the subzi or viand is kind of dry. I also love making raita; which is simply adding something to the dahi. I normally add mashed potato, or grated cucumber, or grated and cooked bottle gourd. Or better yet (and much less work) is adding some boondi (little fried pearls made from besan or chick pea flour).

I digress... back to Dahi Bhalla.... :)

We buy our milk from a relative who just had one of their buffaloes give birth so we were given an extra amount of milk. My step mom and I decided to make dahi bhalla.

Bhalla is made by soaking black gram or maha di dal overnight. The following morning, the water is drained (leaving just a spoonful or two to keep the dal moist) and the dal (now softened) is ground in a mixer. The rough paste is then set aside in a bowl.

Maha di Dal Paste

Salt, garam masala, and some chili powder is added to the paste and it is mixed well. The mixture is then set aside. In a deep wok or deep frying pan, oil is heated until it is smoky.

Then the paste is formed into small balls and then the ball is dropped into the hot oil. If the paste is a little too moist and won't form into balls, just drop a spoon full of it into the oil. 

Bhalla Being Deep Fried

Deep fry it until the bhallas are golden brown. Take them out of the oil and drain the excess oil. Allow them to cool. Check the bhallas if they are nice and soft or they are tough. 

If the bhallas seem to be tough you need to soften them up. Once they are cool, get some water into a bowl and drop the bhallas. Scoop them up again with your hands and squeeze the water out. Then drop them into the bowl of water again, then scoop and squeeze them dry a second time. Set aside. Discard the water used. This process allows the bhalla to soften.

Get some dahi. Add some salt and a little garam masala to taste and, once the bhallas are relatively cool, add them to the dahi. Do not add the bhallas while they are still hot as it will ruin the consistency of the dahi. 

Add the bhallas and stir. Make sure that all the bhallas are covered with dahi. The dahi bhalla is ready to serve after about an hour or so. Dahi bhalla is best eaten the next day (if you can wait that long... hehehe)

Bhalla added to the Dahi

Dahi Bhalla Ready to Serve


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