Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Homemade Ketchup

My Dad loves his vegetable garden. We all do. After all, we get nice fresh veggies all the time and we rarely have to buy vegetables from the market. However, there are times when we end up with a lot of vegetables... much more than we can make use of. Most of the time, we give them away to our neighbors and friends. Sometimes, we are able to find ways to make use of the extra stuff.

This week, we had tomatoes... lots of them. They were small, red, and numerous. I initially planned to cut them up and store them in the freezer like we did the year before last. But, they tend to use up a lot of space and they lost flavor rather quickly. Therefore, I was planning to dry them. But... I am a little afraid they may go bad as the weather is unpredictable these days.

Therefore, I decided to scour the net for ways I can make something out of the tomatoes without having to go through a lot of trouble (yup... I am lazy). I managed to find a website (  The instructions were simple and it seemed easy to follow. I decided to make some adjustments to the recipe on that site and made homemade ketchup my own special way.

First of all, you will need tomatoes.... a whole lot of them (no I made no effort to weigh them or count them).

Fresh Tomatoes

 I then cut them into halves or quarters (depending on their size) and placed them in a blender.

Fresh Tomatoes Cut and put in a blender

 After an initial run of the blender, I set the puree aside. I then chop a large onion and two cloves of garlic.

chopped onion

Two Cloves of Garlic -- Chopped
Olive Oil
I put olive oil in a pot and saute onions until they are translucent. Then I add the garlic and saute for a minute or two.I then add the rough tomato puree in a pot. It has to be put on high heat and allowed to come to a boil.

Tomato Puree Boiling

I add some vinegar (1/4 of a cup it says on but as I never measured much of anything I just put a little vinegar so the mixture will not be too sour). The original recipe also calls for brown sugar but... I decided not to put any sugar at all.

After I add the vinegar, I also add a teaspoon of salt, and a teaspoon of garam masala (I improvised from the original recipe from the site as there is no "all spice" in the kitchen and no chilies as I have no fondness for anything remotely chili-like or spicy). Then, I put the heat on low and let the mixture simmer until it reduces to almost half.

Tomato mixture reduced

After the mixture reduces to about half (or until when the consistency is nice and thick), it is taken off the stove and is set aside to cool. After it has cooled, I then put it back in the blended and blended until it is smooth.
Blended until smooth

The smooth ketchup is now ready and I pour it into a nice clean bottle. Our bottle of homemade ketchup is all ready.... (I have made about 7 more bottles since then... hehehe)

Homemade Ketchup in a Bottle

I love the yummy taste.... but then... I have a lot of love for garlic so I plan to add more to the next batch. :)

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