Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Visit To Our Local Atta Chakki (Grindstone)

Today, my Dad and I drove over to our town's atta chakki (grindstone) because we needed our basmati rice milled. Because such trips are rare -- we only go once every 3 or 4 months -- I decided to snap some pictures and share them with everyone! 

There are three grindstones that we normally go to. We go there for various reasons, the main reason is to have wheat ground into atta flour. Less often, we visit to have corn ground into cornflour, basmati milled, turmeric ground, beans split, and mustard oil extracted. 

Our family is one among many that choose to buy (we used to harvest our own years back but my Dad has retired from farming) wheat, corn, mustard seeds, and basmati from farmer friends within our village. That way we are able to ensure the quality of the grains. There are so many cases of adulteration in food here in India that it is almost impossible to trust the quality of anything. 

As a matter of fact, we used to grow our own wheat, corn, turmeric, basmati, mustard, and lentils. After Dad decided he was too old to keep farming (which is true), we had to consider buying from farmer relatives and friends. However, we still try our best to grow what we can.

Anyway, this is what the inside of an atta chakki (grindstone) looks like.

Weighing Scale
Upon entering the atta chakki premises, the first thing you will see is a big weighing scale that is used to weigh the finished product after it has been ground or extracted. It also serves as the counter as the amount of money to be charged to the customer is determined by the weight of the product.

Oil Extractor

This is the contraption that is used to extract mustard oil from sarson (mustard seeds). It is the busiest of all the machines in any chakki as cooking oil tends to be most often required in any household. 

Haldi Chakki (Turmeric Grindstone)

This is the machine that grinds turmeric into powder. This is the machine that was used to grind our turmeric weeks back. 

Above are pictures of the two atta chakki which is used to grind wheat into flour.
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