Friday, August 10, 2012

Rain Clouds

It had been one very long and very, very, very hot summer. And by hot I mean temperatures of about 48*C (118.4*F) in the sun and a few degrees below that in the shade. It had been viciously hot and dry. 

Going to sleep at night was quite impossible and, more often than not, I was lucky to have had 2-3 hours of sleep. Cooking was sheer torture as the kitchen felt like a furnace. Clothes clung to our bodies and were soaking wet with sweat in a matter of minutes. When skin made contact with skin, it was hot like when one had a really high fever. 

We all drank cold water from the refrigerator so often that both the water filter and the refrigerator could barely keep up with the demand. Bathing was a nightmare as the water from the taps were very warm -- at noon the water from the taps would seem like it was boiling hot.

The ceiling fans were always on and the cooler was taken out of the store room, cleaned, and repaired. Whenever there was electricity, it was always on. During power cuts (which happened very often), we would find it very hot even when we sit under the ceiling fan. 

Jyoti enjoying after rain had fallen
My parents decided to sleep on cots as the cushions on the beds felt way too hot to sleep on. I, however, had to use my bed as there was not much space for a third cot in the hall we normally use as the dining room. (The dining table was moved to the living room).

Our canine babies were always sitting under the nearest fan and would lie under the cots whenever the cooler was on. They would sleep indoors when there was power -- because that meant the cooler was on -- and wake me to let them go outside the moment the power went out.

The weather people said rains would come a-plenty but they had been wrong and the rains signalling the monsoon (normally during the middle of July) had come late -- scant at that.  

dark rain clouds
Whenever the dark clouds would come, we would be praying the rain would fall and the heat would be gone. Finally rain did come but only once a week. The rain was very welcome and for a night or two after it had fallen, we all could sleep soundly as the air was pleasantly cool. We would also sit outside as the rain falls and enjoy the cool breeze

Our canine babies would ask to be allowed to go outside and they would run round, lie on the rain-cooled marble, and just 
 enjoy the coolness only the rain can provide.

We all loved it when the rains would come though it did not come as often as it normally would have. Once, I decided to take out my trusty mobile phone to take some pictures of the rain clouds. I am no photographer and I only make do with my Xperia's camera but I did try to take some shots -- and a really short video -- which I am now sharing with you. 

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