Wednesday, October 24, 2012

House Repairs

Our home is kind of... well... old and when houses age, they tend to need repairs. My Dad tends to keep a close eye on almost everything in our home which means that there is always something going on in terms of repairs and fixes. 

Taps and faucets are quite simple enough that Dad can get the fixes done on his own. The usual stuff like changing light bulbs is something Dad and I can manage. However, there are things that only the experts can do and we have to call in people to help us.

This year the problem was peeling pain because of dampness that has seeped from the gutter pipes through the walls. The worst affected was my room... the walls looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

Peeling paint has nearly reached the ceiling
Hideous peeling paint in my room being
 hidden (unsuccessfully)
ugly peeling paint in my room
Less horrible is the situation in two other bedrooms, the top of the stairs, and even the kitchen...

atop the stairs
the corner of a bedroom

atop the stairs
master bedroom

along the stairs

along the stairs

atop the stairwell

near the door of a bedroom

the wall I try to hide (unsuccessfully)
horrific wall I try to hide

We were thinking of re-painting the walls. However, Dad was worried that even re-painting will fix the problem because our home is made of bricks which tend to suck up a lot of moisture. Then there is the problem of finding reliable house painters.

Dad then decided that it would be better to opt for tiles. I was hesitant at first because once the tiles are up, you can't exactly decide you want to change the color of a room. Tiles are pretty much permanent and I was unsure I wanted that. However, Dad can be very persuasive and I finally agreed. 

We called the tile expert and we took him along with us to the tile shop. We spent hours picking out just the right color and the right size of tile. After what seemed like half a day, we had picked two types of tiles -- Panama Blue and Creme.

The big problem with tiles is that before they can be put up, the walls need to be stripped of paint. These days, no one wants to spend long hours stripping paint manually so the tile people used a machine. So we covered almost everything in plastic. We also removed all the furniture and other stuff that could be moved from the bedrooms. 

a cabinet all covered

my bed all covered in plastic

a bed covered

the refrigerator covered at the front and sides

a bed and closet all covered

The dust was.... well... unrelenting. It seeped into everything no matter how much plastic we wrapped around the bed or the dresser! It was a nightmare!!!

wall stripped of paint (note the dust!)
the dust is like flour
paint stripped from the wall

We were confined to the living room most days as the dust was terrible and we had to keep all doors and windows closed. The living room was the only room that would be left untouched so we made that the main hub. 
kitchen utensils crowding the dining table
whichwas shifted to the living room

the stove had to be moved to my bedroom
when work on the kitchen wall started
I had to sleep in the guestroom upstairs and our dogs had to either be tied up for a few hours in the morning and allowed to stay in the guestroom upstairs so they would not get all excited and make the work harder.

creme colored tiles 

Panama Blue (that's what the color is called)

cement bags (we used up 8)

the boxes tiles all stacked up and ready to be used

grout and tne solution that goes with it

tiles being soaked in water before use

work in progress at the stairwell

tile work happening in my room

tile work in progress in the kitchen

The work had started on October 9 and finished today -- 16 whole days! But the walls look so nice now...

nice looking blue wall

one wall in my room is blue

the now nice looking corner of my room

Have a look at a before and after of that corner in my room...



Now that the house repairs or the tile work has been completed... the cleanup work is in full swing. Considering all that fine floury dust... it might take a while before we get everything dust-free but... at least the walls look real good now. The house looks like its brand new! 

And... more importantly... Dad is happy... 


Me thinks this is my longest post (and the one with the most pictures, I guess) ever... whew! 
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