Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Vegetable Garden

Repair work is on full-swing at home and the garage has become one mega dusty mess. Dad decided it would  be best if I moved our car to our "haveli". (The word "haveli", in the Punjabi dialect of Doabi, means cowshed.) As I parked the car there, I decided to visit out vegetable garden and check on the winter veggies that have been planted, to see how things are going. And... I decided to take some pictures.

One of the very first of the veggies that you can get to see in our veg garden is the "phalian" or beans. I am quite unsure as to what exactly our type of beans is called. What I do know is that it makes delicious "sabzi" or dish. Our favorite is when it is made into a "tari" (meaning it is rather "soupy").

Phalian or beans

Among my favorite things in the garden is our aloe vera plants. We use it to make juice, use as skin care (the sticky stuff makes the skin really smooth and soft), and as "sabzi."

Aloe Vera

At a far corner, we have a banana plant (BTW, is banana a tree or a bush? Do let me know if you have any idea.) The plant is still rather young and will take a few more months before we can enjoy some yummy bananas :)


My Dad (who is our "gardener" -- I am not too good when it comes to gardening), also planted some carrots and radish which are growing rather nicely. (The flower thingy that can be seen on the picture is that of the aloe vera.)

Carrots and Radishes

There are also spinach plants just sprouting from the ground. Winters in the villages of Punjab is never without the Punjabi favorite dish of "saag" and spinach is the essential ingredient for a delicious "saag." You can also see a young papaya plant near the spinach. We love papaya... :)

Spinach sprouting

Dad's pride and joy is our grapefruit tree. He has been nurturing it for a long time and was overjoyed when it started to fruit. Now we are waiting for the fruits to ripen.

Grapefruit or Chakotra (in Punjabi) or Suha (in Filipino)

We also have a taro plant. Taro makes a yummy vegetable dish. 

Taro or Arbi

A regular in our vegetable garden is our rows of turmeric plants. Turmeric has many uses. It is a great spice and is also medicinal.

Turmeric Plants

We also have a few eggplants. In two colors! We have a few plants that will yield white eggplants and a few that will yield the usual purple eggplants. 

White Eggplant of White Aubergine

Dad has also made sure that he planted fenugreek, coriander, tomato, and even garlic. We try to do our best to ensure that we do not need to buy vegetables.  Our vegetable garden is all organic. My Dad never uses any pesticide unless he has absolutely no choice. He also never uses chemical fertilizer... he uses only the organic kind.

Having a veg garden is wonderful in many ways. It saves us money because we rarely need to buy vegetables. Plus it allows us to share extra veggies with relatives and friends :)
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