Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sharing Some Interesting Facts

I was simply browsing the internet while waiting for my files to complete their upload to Google Docs (I am paranoid about having backups of every single thing) and I came across some stuff that I absolutely had no idea about. I thought of sharing some interesting facts with you...

Did you know...

Mars & Maurrie invented M&Ms (geddit... M & M)

The only fruit which has seeds growing on the outside is the strawberry

Eating an apple will be more effective in waking you up mornings than a cup of coffee

Carrots have absolutely 0% fat

Cucumbers are actually 96% water

Bananas contain 75% water

Bananas do not contain any sodium, fat or cholesterol

Most of the Vitamin C in fruits are found within the skin

The fruit with the most calories is an avocado

A potato has no more calories that an apple (you will need to eat about 5kilos of potatoes in order to put on 1/2 kilo of weight)

The potato's skin contains most of it's valuable nutrients

A pumpkin is actually a fruit


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