Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Review: An Unlikely Magician

I love books and I read a lot. My kindle is almost full of e-books (most of which I have yet to read as I tend to get more books that I can actually read ... hehehe) and even my teeny ipod shuffle is full of audiobooks (can I say I listen to books? or should I say I read audiobooks? hmmm).

Anyway, among the books I have read is a new children's book written by Moli P. Gailan entitled An Unlikely Magician. The thing I like about children's books (aside from the fact that they are short -- hehehe) is that they are simple to read. There are times when I need to read something that is not full of complicated twists and turns.

It is a story about a your blind boy named David who wants to learn to become a magician after being taken to a magic show by his mother. His mother, who is so afraid of having her son face failure due to his blindness is reluctant to let him try. He then meets magician Charley Champagne who helps him learn some simple magic tricks.

The story is very simple yet touching. A blind boy dares to dream, a mother who loves her son more than anything in the world is so afraid to see him get hurt if he fails to try to learn magic, and a magician that offers the boy hope and gives him confidence.

An Unlikely Magician is a heart-warming story. A children's book that even grown-ups can learn from.

Also from children's book author Moli P. Gailan: 

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