Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sewing Again

I have always enjoyed sewing. Even when I was in grade school, I loved the home economics classes where we had to learn different stitches, sew an apron or pot holder, or the many other lovely projects that involved needles and thread. Believe it or not, yours truly even got addicted to cross stitching! And that many years before it became a fad.

my hand-crank sewing machine
Most of the time I would be found in my favorite chair in our living room of our old home in Pasig (Philippines) deeply engrossed cross stitching pillow cases. It got so bad that my Mom had to hide my sewing stuff because I started getting ulcers (I tended to miss meals a lot).

When I came to India, my Dad decided I may enjoy sewing classes. That came during the time I ran out of aida and was getting thoroughly bored because I had nothing much to do. Thus, sewing lessons began and for the next two years I learned to cut and sew a lot of different types of clothes. One of the most common of all the garments I sewed was the salwar-kameez
sewing the kameez

The salwar-kameez is what most women wear in many places in India because of the comfort and ease of movement it provides. There are so many ways to cut cloth to make salwars and the same goes for the kameez.

However, there was a time when I stopped sewing (I had begun working as a Trainer) and all the traveling I did made sewing an impractical activity -- I mean how was I supposed to fit my sewing machine in my bag?

Anyway, I still sew once in a while until my eyesight made it kind of tough for me to use the sewing machine. I have to admit that I am now at the age where bifocals are required but my eye doctor decided I should avoid getting them for as long as I can. 


However, when Dad needs new undershorts, or when my step mom needs her kachera, I take out my tailor shears and oil the sewing machine. Last week, my step mom announced she needed some new salwar-kameez for summer. And... she announced she wants me to do the sewing because I know what she likes.

So.... I took out the measuring tape, tailor's chalk and the cutting shears and cut the cloth she had bought. Then I oiled my trusty hand-crank sewing machine and started sewing again.
salwar (mori)

I took my time as it has been a while since I last sewn anything more substantial that undershorts. Things were made slower by the fact that I had to remove my glasses every time I had to take a close look at what I was sewing (gave me a monstrous headache). 

It is always a great feeling when one is able to make someone happy and my step mom definitely is happy now that she is a new salwar-kameez. :)

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