Monday, September 24, 2012

My Google Chrome Themes

I have a love for certain Google products (no offense to other companies out there). Maybe its because I find their search engine efficient, their Android mobile OS very user-friendly, their browser fast and reliable, and their apps fun to use. Not to mention this blog is hosted at Blogger... :)

Anyway, I was getting bored with the old Chrome theme I was using and I did not find any theme at the Chrome Web Store to my liking. So I decided to find ways to make my own Chrome theme. I used Google Search to find ways I could do that and I found that there is an app available at the Chrome Web Store that I can use. 

The app is called My Chrome Theme and it is easy to download and still easier to use. All you need to do is download it and enable it on Chrome. The screenshots will guide you through.

Then launch the app and click on "start making theme."

You will be given a choice of whether you want to upload an image from your computer or if you wish to use your webcam to click an image.

I chose "upload image"

Once the image is uploaded, you will then be given a choice as to whether you want to adjust the position of your chosen image or if you would rather import (upload) another image.

I chose "adjust position"

There are several option for you to choose from so you can position your image the way you would want it to appear. You also have the option of previewing the image by simply clicking the gray (oval-shaped) slider below.

I decided my image would look best if it was centered so I opted for "fill screen" then I chose "center". Then I clicked on "Continue to Step 2"

Step Two is choosing colors for the tabs. You can either decide "I'm Feeling Lucky" and let the app choose the colors for you or you can click on those blue pins (with a paintbrush icon) and choose from the color options. 

I decided to choose my own colors so I clicked on the blue pins.

The color palette is rather limited but it works fine enough (I am hoping they will offer more options soon). Once you choose a color for the "New Tab", you can then do the same with the next blue pin and the third one. After you choose a color and move to the next pin, the color that you have previously chosen will show a teeny padlock icon to show you that it has already been chosen.

You will notice I chose mostly shades of green to keep with the garden theme of my image -- and I find green rather soothing to the eyes.

After you have chosen colors for the three tabs, you can now click on "Continue to Step 3" which is the blue rectangle on top.

You will be shown a notification that your theme is being generated. After the theme has been uploaded and generated, you will be asked to give it a title or name.

I decided to name my theme as "Purple Leaves." You may also add an additional description if you like. Once you have typed the name of the theme you want, you can now click on "Make my Theme."

You will then be asked if you want to "Install My Theme" and to share it by copying the URL provided on the box; or by sharing it on Google+.

Once you click on "Install My Theme", the theme will be downloaded onto your computer and loaded.

I had made a total of 5 themes and one of them features a puppy picture (as opposed to baby picture) of our Labrador, Lucky. This is what it looks like as a theme.

If you like my Labrador theme, you can visit:

I hope you will find creating your own Chrome themes as easy as I did. If you want to share your creations, please feel free to add the link to your original Chrome themes along with your comments. 


My Chrome Themes are: 

 The link for the above theme is:

The link for the above theme is:

The link for Purple Leaves is:

The link for Yellow Rose is:

Please feel free to use them or share them. :)
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