Thursday, October 18, 2012

Joining a Great Giveaway

I have a favorite blog which I follow and also derive a lot of inspiration from. The blog is by the very talented daughter of a friend I had gone to school with (elementary till high school). Though I call her Princess... her name is Jodie. She is the most vibrant and intelligent 12 year old I have met so far.

Lovely giveaway :)

Her blog is called "Heart Strings" and, though I was sort of mentoring her when she started, I am now learning from her. :)
She has started a giveaway weeks back but, I decided to join one today. Her giveaway is from Knotieties and I enjoyed myself immensely. 

You can also join the giveaway by clicking on this LINK. You have until November 9, 2012 to join. You can join everyday, actually to increase your chances of winning some gorgeous products. (Which I am hoping to win!)

I intend to submit my entries everyday if I can manage it... hehehe

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