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Capsicum with Cottage Cheese (Shimla Mirch Paneer)

My brother is home for a two week vacay (he is a doctor in Dubai) so I help out in the kitchen to make some great yummy dishes that he would enjoy. Yesterday, I went shopping for some fruits and met our favorite green grocer along the way. He had some great looking fresh Shimla Mirch (green bell pepper or capsicum) which I just could not resist. 

I decided to make capsicum with cottage cheese (Shimla mirch paneer) for dinner. But... I have never made it before and had no idea there was even such a dish... so I scoured the net and came upon a simple recipe that I could follow and use. Believe it or not, I hate complicated recipes. This is because I need to adapt the recipe to suit the available ingredients I have on hand. It is rare that I will have the exact ingredients that the recipe offers available... so I tend to improvise most of the time. I did so with this recipe as well.

Capsicum with Cottage Cheese (Shimla Mirch Paneer)

For my version of capsicum with cottage cheese (Shimla mirch paneer), here are my ingredients:

750 grams Capsicum (Shimla mirch)
250 grams Paneer (cottage cheese)
8 tablespoons Yoghurt (dahi)
2 tablespoons Besan (gram flour or garbanzo flour)
4 small onions (chopped)
1 medium tomato (chopped)
oil for sauteeing
garam masala
turmeric powder (haldi)
salt to taste

To make capsicum with cottage cheese (Shimla mirch paneer):

I cut the Shimla mirch (capsicum), removed the seeds (which you can keep if you like some spice -- spicy food is not one of my favorites so I avoid anything spicy as much as possible), and put them aside.

I then cut the paneer (cottage cheese) into cubes and put them aside as well.

Then I put oil into a pan, sauteed onions until they were translucent and just a tinge caramelized. Then came the tomatoes. Once the oil started to separate and the tomatoes were now soft, I added a pinch of turmeric powder (haldi) and stirred for a few seconds. I turned the heat onto low.

Then came the tablespoons of yoghurt (a tablespoon at a time) while I stirred like a nutcase. After two minutes, I added the cut green bell pepper (capsicum or Shimla mirch) and stirred a few times and covered it for about two minutes and added some garam masala and salt.

After two minutes, I stirred the Shimla mirch (capsicum) and then added the besan (gram flour or garbanzo flour) by sprinkling a tablespoon of it at a time and then stirring it right away to make sure it does not stick. I then added the paneer (cottage cheese) cubes, stirred and covered it up again for about two minutes). 

After uncovering it, I stirred it again and noticed it needed just a bit of moisture so I added about two tablespoons of water. I covered it again and stirred once in a while until the capsicum is soft but holding its shape. Then I turned off the stove and it was ready to serve. 


The recipe I saw (and modified) is located HERE

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