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Mooli da Parantha (Flatbread Stuffed with Radish)

During the cold winter months, one of the most abundant products from our vegetable garden is the radish or mooli. As much as we like to have sliced radish as a side dish during meals, our beloved canine babies tend to devour them before we have the chance.  

But... there are times when we do manage to enjoy some mooli by making mooli da parantha (flatbeard stuffed with radish). It is an easy peasy dish that can be prepared in a jiffy and is incredibly delicious when dipped in yoghurt or dahi

There are two ways of making mooli da parantha. It can be made with makki di roti (corn flatbread) or with kanak di roti (flatbread made from wheatflour). There are also two ways they can be made into paranthas -- it can be mixed in during the kneading process or it can be made as a stuffing between two pieces of roti.

Because radish tends to become rather watery (especially after you have added salt), it is perfect when used with makki di roti because the water of the radish can be used to knead the makki da atta (cornflour) and there is no need for adding water. With kanak da atta (wheatflour) however, it tends to make everything rather sticky. Which is why we prepare the parantha by stuffing the radish between two pieces of rolled-out kanak da atta (kneaded wheatflour). It is less messy and is easier to make.

Grated Radish with Coriander Leaves and Mint Leaves

Ingredients (Makes 6 paranthas)

1 large radish (mooli), grated
200 gms coriander or cilantro leaves (dhania), finely chopped 
100 gms mint leaves (putna or pudina), finely chopped
salt to taste
chili powder (as per preference)
garam masala to taste
kneaded kanak da atta (wheatflour)
oil or ghee for spreading on the paranthas

Mix the grated radish, finely chooped coriander and mint leaves, salt, chili powder, and garam masala. Set aside.

On the stove, heat a tava or a gridle on medium low flame.

Make small balls out of the kneaded atta about the size of a small chicken's egg. Sprinkle some flour on the table or kitchen counter and roll them out into thin circles about 7-9" in diameter (or larger depending on your preference). You will need two rotis per parantha.

Spread some of the grated radish mixture on top of one rolled out atta and then top it with another atta and press together. This is your parantha.

Add some oil or ghee on the tava or gridle (to make it non-stick), and place the parantha. Allow to cook for a minute and a half, then turn over. Spread or brush some oil or ghee on the cooked side. Turn again and brush the other side with oil or ghee. Once there are golden brown spots on both sides, then the parantha is cooked and can be removed from the tava or gridle.

Mooli da Parantha

Continue cooking the other paranthas. Enjoy your hot mooli da parantha!

Serve with a small bowl of yoghurt or dahi.

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