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Reading List for February 2013

I am back! That is if you noticed I was gone for a while... hihihi.

My step mother had to be taken to the hospital last Jan. 31, 2013 and we (my Dad and I) have been having a rather stressful time since then. That meant I hardly had much time to post on Bames Live -- forgive me, please (batting eyelashes and trying to look woeful).

Anyway, in between visiting hours (when she was still confined in the hospital) and playing nurse cum housemaid (since she had been discharged from the hospital), I have been able to read (and is still reading) a few books on my Kindle. It is probably what keeps me sane as the stress is a bit tough to handle without having some time to breathe and relax.

I have managed to read Caragh O'Brien's Birthmarked Trilogy of books already. They are meant as books for young adults but then... hey... I think of myself as young and an adult.... LOL. The books are:

(Birthmarked Trilogy Book1)

This is the first book in the series. It tells the story of a young midwife, Gaia, who lives in Warfton which is a village outside the Enclave. Part of her job (and her mother's who is also a midwife before she was arrested) is to ensure that the first three babies she delivers within each month is sent to the Enclave where they are "advanced" (adopted by families who live within the Enclave). She had no idea that the act of giving those first three babies of the month "freckles" -- as her mother taught her to do -- would lead to so much trouble. 

The Birthmarked series is a trilogy but there are two books of short stories that tell part of the story in between books. 

In between Birthmarked and the second book Prized, there is what the author calls a "story"

(Birthmarked Trilogy Book 1.5)

(Birthmarked Trilogy Book 2)

In between Prized and Promised, there is another "story"...

(Birthmarked Trilogy Book 2.5)

(Birthmarked Trilogy Book 3)

I enjoyed the reading the books although, I have to admit, the ending could have been better... but all in all... enjoyable.

I also managed to read...

(Nikki Heat Book 4)
by Richard Castle

Nikki Heat is called in to a murder which looks like it is linked to to the murder of her mother.

I found the book not as exciting as the earlier Nikki Heat books though it was a good way to pass the time. 

I am now reading the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie. I have finished the two books and is three-quarters of the way through the final book in the trilogy. The books are:

(Matched Trilogy Book 1)

The story revolves around Cassia who is a "citizen of Society". Within the Soiety, it is the Officials who rule. They decide where you live, where you work, who you marry, and when you die. Cassia had always believed in the Society and she believes her life is just perfect. But then... she began to notice things. And she faces many choices, the biggest of them choosing between her two friends Xander and Ky. 

(Matched Trilogy Book Two)

(Matched Trilogy Book 3)

I am enjoying the books so far. 

I plan to keep reading but I have not yet made any list as to which books I plan to read next. If you have any suggestions as to which books would be good to read, do let me know.

All the books are available on and in both paperback and ebook forms. 

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