Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bames Live is Joining the A to Z April Challenge

If you are a blogger, you have probably come across the problem of having absolutely no clue as to what to post. As much as you try to search the internet (which is claimed to be a universe of information) you are unable to find anything to blog about. It is a situation I am very familiar with. If you have not come across such a situation then you are really very lucky and very creative (and I am as jealous as hell!).

I have tried to read as many articles on how to come up with topics for a blog post but nothing seems to do it for me -- not today, anyway. Moi am sooooo envious of those bloggers who manage to post every single day (I even know a few who post multiple times a day!) Makes me feel that my life is just way too boring (well, to be very honest, I tend to believe that may be the case). 

Anyway, today I was browsing ze internet and, due to some twist of fate, managed to come across a blog challenge. And, due to some inexplicable reason (probably related to madness and desperation) I decided to join a challenge called the "A to Z April Challenge."

It means that I need to have a post every day this coming April 2013 which would have to match the featured letter for each specific day. Should be easy-peasy, right? Well... I am not too sure about that. But, I intend to try as hard as I possibly can to complete the challenge!

So, I am trying to flex my blog-muscles and train my blog-brain cells to get ready for next month. Wish me luck! 

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