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Book Review: Altered by Jennifer Rush

Altered (Altered, #1)Altered by Jennifer Rush
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Altered is a story about four boys (Sam, Cas, Nick, and Trev) who are subjects of a very secret experiment and a young girl named Anna (the scientist's daughter, of course) who befriends them. The four boys have "amnesia" and cannot remember their past and have been part of an experiment for the past five years.

They live in the basement of a farmhouse wherein they are kept in 4 special rooms. Every once in a while there are men from "the Branch" who visit the boys. During the scheduled visit of those men, the four boys manage to escape taking the girl with them. The five of them are now on the run. Along the way, they find out that they all have had their memories "wiped." Even Anna finds out that she has also been lied to by the scientist whom she thought was her father.

The idea is that there is some company, being funded by the government, that is tasked with creating the perfect soldier through genetic alterations -- hence, Altered. Although there are some elements that did not quite do it for me, the book is full of twists and turns. I enjoyed reading it.

Jennifer Rush writes an engaging story which keeps readers riveted. I have to admit that, though the story is quite entertaining, I am not too enthused about reading the second part of the series Erased.

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