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Book Review: Hunger by Michael Grant

Hunger by Michael Grant
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Hunger is the second book in the Gone Series by author Michael Grant. To be very honest, I find this book more engrossing than the first. In the first book, all adults within a 10 mile radius of a nuclear power plant near Perdido Beach, California has disappeared without a trace. All that's left are children ages 14 and below. To make things much worse, a wall has come up effectively trapping all the kids within the FAYZ (Fall-Out Alley Youth Zone).

This second book concentrates on a really serious problem now facing those trapped kids -- food has run out. Being kids, they preferred to gorge themselves on candies, chips, sodas and other "junk" food and this meant that all the perishables like vegetables, fruits and meat had gone bad (either because kids preferred the chips and cookies, or too few kids decided to eat them). Now there is too little food to go around and the kids are hungry -- starving. Plus, no one was planting or thinking about what would be done for food in the future.

Kids are left with canned asparagus, spaghetti sauce, or even hotdog relish. They are starving. Hunger is making everyone tense and pretty soon, the kids within Perdido Beach have started to align themselves against each other. The kids without the Power are becoming hostile to those who have it. The normals now feel that those with the Power are the cause of all their problems.

Meanwhile, Caine is able to recover from his battle with Sam and his encounter with the Darkness hiding within the mineshaft. Pete is becoming stronger. Sam is getting burnt out by all the stress of being a leader. Albert, who kept McDonald's running for as long as he could is becoming concerned that no one is working. He feels most kids are simply lazing around all day while a select few are working very hard to make sure things go smoothly.

Kids are also starting to turn to drink as they start raiding their parents' stash of alcohol. There are also drugs that are now surfacing as kids, becoming more desperate to find food, discover drugs hidden by those adults that disappeared. Hunger is also driving some of the kids to really desperate measures like killing the neighbor's cat for food.

Although there are vegetables being grown in the fields, the kids find that picking the vegetables is very dangerous business because of zekes or mutant worms that have millions of legs and sharp teeth (like wormy piranhas living in the soil). Things are not at all good for the kids in the FAYZ and the Darkness is becoming just as hungry.

Caine and Lana are now being called and controlled by the Darkness as it becomes desperate to feed. It wants food and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means driving Caine to take control of the nuclear power plant. Lana believes she could stop the Darkness but she is so wrong.

The book is much more exciting than the first. The action is pretty fast. Although the violence is still pretty graphic, the twists and turns come hard and fast. Those who enjoyed Gone will definitely enjoy Hunger.

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  1. Not my genre, not my thing (I have so much stuff to deal with when I read books I want them to relax me and take me away), but you wrote an engaging review. Thanks for coming by my blog, it's nice to have visitors from so far away!

    1. Thank you... I enjoy reading your blog :)