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Book Review: Lies (Gone Series Book 3)

Lies by Michael Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michael Grant's third book in the Gone Series is Lies. This third book is more exciting than the first two. It tells the story of the children now trapped within the FAYZ (Fall-Out Alley Youth Zone). With no adult in sight, they have worked so hard to survive. There had been many casualties and there have been battles. They nearly starved. And now, problems just keep piling up one after another threatening their survival once again.

The young girl Orsay, who has the power to see other people's dreams now claim that she can see the dreams of those people outside the FAYZ walls. She tells kids about messages their parents (who are beyond the wall) have for them. But the question is... Is she for real or is she telling lies.

Lies (Gone, #3)Astrid, the genius, who leads the town council insist on telling everyone on the council that Orsay is telling lies...Is she asking the council members to tell lies? Britanny has been "seen" by several kids but she had been already dead and buried many weeks before... Are the kids who report the sighting telling the truth or telling lies? Drake has also been reported as being spotted by some kids...Truth or lies?

Zil is teaming up with Cain and is causing so much trouble that Sam wants to deal with him once and for all. But Astrid insists it is not his decision alone -- the FAYZ needs systems and laws but the town council seems to be taking forever to make them and Sam is getting listless.

Drake is back and is merged with Brittany's body and things are definitely going from incredibly bad to massively worse for the FAYZ kids. Caine is still hell-bent and coming after Sam. Sam has had it with what he perceives as Astrid's selfishness -- why is it that when things go south that he has to deal with it and she is never there to actually do anything.

I enjoyed reading Lies. And can't wait to finish the next book in the Gone Series "Fear."

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