Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Books -- I am Addicted to Them

Books...For as long as I can remember, I have had a thing for books. When I was a small child, my sister bought me those fairytale picture books which she would read to me because I was not able to read yet. Then, when I started school, I would read my schoolbooks the moment I got them. After a while, when I became pretty good at reading, I started to sneak into my brother's room and “borrow” the books he had on his book shelves. Well, basically, I was nicking them as I was not allowed to touch his precious tomes.
Some of My Books

The moment I learned about how the school library worked, I got myself a library card and practically swallowed all the fiction books I could get my hands on. Most of the time, I would take home as many books as the library's limit would allow. By then I learned to read pretty fast and I managed to return all the books I had borrowed before they were due. The store that sold school supplies a block away from school also sold books and I sure as hell was there every chance I got. I would save my pocket money (there were times I would skip recess just to save up) just so I could buy books.

One day, as my best friend Jenny and I went to a really big bookstore and found out that we could buy as many books as we would like – however, Jenny was more into Hallmark cards. I can honestly say that I have contributed a lot towards National Book Store's sales for many years... LOL.

In college, I had free periods which were spent (you guessed it) in the school library with my face buried in books over at the fiction section. By then most of my friends had learned that, when they need to find books to help schoolwork, they could simply walk towards the fiction section, find me, and ask where they could find the books. (Apparently I was a lot friendlier than the librarian – which was weird because she was pretty friendly with me.)

My passion for books has remained constant throughout my life. While I was still living in the Philippines (where I was born and raised), I had a lot of books stacked everywhere in my bedroom. You see, when I wanted a book, I would always prefer to get myself a copy instead of borrowing. Books are like little treasures which I needed to keep with me. The time I needed to fly to India, I had to leave a lot of them behind though I tried my best to take as many as I could with me. Then I started building up a collection of books here in India. 

My Kindle

E-books were a Godsend to me. It became easier to get the books I wanted to read. I simply installed a Kindle app on my computer and I could either buy or download the books available for free and read to my heart's content. Then, I got my Kindle – heaven!!! Now I have a total of 128 books in my Kindle library and 228 in my Calibre library! Yay

But... I seem to have caught another addiction – downloading ebooks. I seem to be unable to stop myself. The moment I come across free ebooks that are on the Kindle store or anywhere else, I just get all shaky and excited – I simply feel this insane need to download them! Last week I downloaded 36 ebooks on Amazon (they were available for free) and another 28 the day after! And it just goes on and on – I am a “book-aholic” – if there is such a thing. 

Then I discovered Goodreads.com and that meant I could participate in giveaways! So now I am “chain-reading”. The moment I finish reading one book, I start on another.  Thank goodness I have my parents and my dogs to pull my attention away from reading or I would do nothing but read books.

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  1. likewise...can't blame you, my friend.But I can say, you are more of a "book-a-holic" than me. ;-)

    1. I think my "book-a-holic-ness" is acute already... LOL

  2. yay for reading! so many stories! my tbr list is a mile long. i need more reading time!

    happy b day!

  3. Loved your post - I am addicted to books too - in fact the written word! That photo of books could easily be my shelf at home.

    But as you said, ebooks are a boon. To think I have hundreds waiting for me to read them....pure Bliss!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an e-book addiction! We sound similar in our love affair with books... I can't imagine life without them. But then, good readers make good bloggers! :)