Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Baisakhi

I know I have already posted today ("L" day of the A to Z Challenge) but because today is a special day for the people of Punjab, here I am again. :)

April 13th marks the birth anniversary of the Khalsa (the pure) which has been traditionally correlated with the beginning of the harvesting season (wheat crops) in Punjab, India. It also marks the beginning of the new year for the Sikh community.

On April 13, 1699, the tenth Sikh Guru (Guru Gobind Singh Ji) chose the town of Anandpur Sahib as the birthplace for the Khalsa. He chose 5 devout Sikhs (Bhai Daya Singh, Bhai Dharam Singh, Bhai Mokham Singh, Bhai Himmat Singh, and Bhai Sahib Singh) also known as the "Panj Piyare" (5 Beloved Ones) whom he baptized as the very first members of the Sikh Khalsa and they, in turn, baptized him. 

English: A depiction of Guru Gobind Singh init...
A depiction of Guru Gobind Singh initiating the first five members of the Khalsa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Basisakhi, I would like to take some time to greet everyone.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Baisakhi.
May Wahe Guruji accept your good deeds,
Bring all the years full of love and contentment.
May you come up as bright as the sun,
As cool as water and as sweet as honey.
Hope that on this Baisakhi, 
You get to fulfill all your wishes and desires.
Happy Baisakhi!!


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