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Ice Cream Flavors I Totally Love

I think that ice cream is the next best discovery after that of fire. Well... Not really but hey, I love the stuff. :)

When I was a little girl, our family owned a small shop in Pasig's (Pasig, Philippines) Lumang Palengke (old market). We sold different types of fabric because ready-to-wear clothes were just a pipe dream in those days. After school, I would stay in the shop and help my Dad cut denim fabric and fold them. My reward usually came when the "mamang sorbetero" (ice cream man) would come with his pushcart and sell those wonderful homemade ice cream that was locally referred to as dirty ice cream (because the ice cream was homemade). 

Mamang sorbetero pushing his cart
The sorbetes (ice cream) usually came in three flavors -- keso (cheese), chocolate, and ube (purple yam). It was wonderful... 50 centavos would get me a really sweet cone of ice cream that the sorbetero would shape into a big rose. Each scoop was a petal. It was a delicious work of art that I almost did not want to eat!

During special occasions (that meant birthdays) we would get a whole gallon tub of ice cream! Yum! And, a couple of times, we got an ice cream cake! Bliss....

When it came to sorbetes, my favorite flavor was the one that had cheese bits in it -- keso (cheese) flavor. It was just heavenly -- doubly so when the sorbetero would dip it in warm chocolate so that it forms this chocolatey dome served on sugar cones. And there would be the ube -- which is purple yam. Although the big ice cream companies had their own versions of ube ice cream like ube macapuno (purple yams with sweetened soft endosperms of coconuts), the ordinary ube sorbetes of the ice cream man somehow tastes a whole lot better. 

I also love chocolate ice cream... Rocky Road, Black Forest, Chocolate Chip... Any ice cream with chocolate in it is a hit with me. That does not mean that I do not like vanilla -- oh no, siree. I like vanilla ice cream a lot too. 

Delicious Ube Ice Cream

The only flavors that I like a little less are those that have fruits in them. No idea why but I would pass them up if there were other ice cream flavors available. Banana split included. I could never really appreciate the combination of ice cream and banana (no offense to banana spilt lovers out there). 

Nuts, though, are another story... Give me ice cream with lots of nuts in them any time. :)

I have tried many times to make ice cream at home. But we do not have an ice cream maker and things just do not go according to plan. I managed to make some peanut butter ice cream once or twice but it is not as creamy and as rich in texture as I would like. Maybe I will save up for an ice cream maker... Got me a good idea!

What about you? What are the ice cream flavors you totally love?

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  1. yummy! i love caramel, vanilla and raspberry!

    1. Oh my, I forgot all about caramel... I love that, too! :)

  2. My favourite is Maggie Beer's Dark Chocolate and Orange. It's awesome!

  3. Aloha Bames, I think this is the right site? Hopping back to you from the A to Z challenge. Sweet! In Hawaii, sweet potatoes are often purple, and wonderfully sweet... I'm sure they'd be terrific in ice cream. The term ube also sounds familiar too, maybe because we have a lot of Filipino farmers markets too. I've also enjoyed halo halo (but have no idea what all the fruits and sweet things are on top of the ice cream.

  4. My favourite flavour has to be mint choc chip, a really crisp, clean mint flavour ice cream with chunks of chocolate through it - heaven!

    I have never heard of the flavours of ice cream you mentioned. The one with cheese intrigued me! :)

  5. Now I really want some ice cream. Thanks sooooo much for that one haha.

    Happy A to Z posting.

  6. Cheese ice cream? My fav is pistachio ok am going to fridge now to grab some ice cream - coffee flavoured