Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Math

Math -- I was never any good at it. I am still lousy at it. It was my weakest subject since I was in primary school all the way up to college. To be perfectly honest, I barely scraped by when it came to Math. I can add and subtract well enough. I can even multiply and divide. However, when all those things get all mixed up in equations that look more like they are some Martian version of Egyptian hieroglyphics, then I go totally blank.

I never understood why I wasn't able to make much sense out of all those numbers and operations... And equations... And what not. Numbers were, and still are, like some alien language to me. 

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There was even a time I actually flunked Math (it was the third quarter of my junior year in high school) and my Mom went ballistic. I was grounded and forced to subject myself to the tutoring attempts by my sister and my brother. Suffice it to say that I never enjoyed those sessions. However, my fear of failing junior high and my fear of making my Mom mad helped me to pass the final exams. (Thank goodness).

It wasn't just Math. Anything that involved some math is extremely difficult for me. Geometry was somewhat less terrifying... Physics nearly drove me crazy... Chemistry nearly killed me...Trigonometry was somewhat okay. But Algebra... Algebra was like sheer torture. My brain could never wrap itself around the relationships between x and y or a and whatever darned letter there was in those weird equations. It felt like I wanted to kill the person who invented Algebra and tortured mankind with those algebraic equations! Aaaaarrrrggghhhh

I mean no offense to those people who actually like Math or who have no problems with it. Please... Pretty please... Don't hex me or hate me (down on my knees and begging you please).

Once we had an Algebra homework wherein I had to solve a problem that went something like "how long will it take for a pool (of some size -- I forgot) to fill up if there were three pipes draining water (at some stupid rate) and one pipe filling the pool with water. I mean, really? Who on God's earth would even attempt to do that in real life? 

I was stumped. My brother was trying to teach me to solve the darned thing and I just could not comprehend any single word he said and the numbers he wrote down were like things I have never seen before. 

Now that I am all grown-up and at an age when Algebra is like a distant, albeit extremely excruciating, memory... I am still at a loss when I come across mathematical problems. 

It is still a mystery to me why I seem to have a distaste for Math. I like numbers... They are nice things... I can calculate how much money I have to pay when I buy something and how much my change should be -- that is not so difficult. I like phone numbers -- though they seem to be getting longer and longer these days. 

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  1. I work in finance which means there's a lot of maths involved, but if you'd have told me that's what I'd be doing for a living when I was in school I would have had a coronary.

  2. I hate maths too, I don't know how I ever passed my maths exams! I'm so glad my life doesn't involve much maths anymore, and if it does come up, I can use a calculator!

  3. It has to do with the left-right sides of the brain. I wonder if you were very good in English? Or languages? Often they are opposites I was good in math and worked with numbers. But now that I am retired I cannot tolerate them