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Random Acts of Kindness -- A Toy

From May 27 to May 31, I will be participating in the Kindness Blogfest that is the brainchild of EC Writes which is among my favorite blogs. This means that I will be posting about random acts of kindness that I may have bestowed on others or those bestowed by others on me. 

Random Acts of Kindness -- A Toy 

The house next door to ours belongs to a couple who live in a different State. To make sure that their electricity and water is not cut off, they let a laborer and his family live in a small part of their property for free provided they pay the power and water bills. The laborer and his wife have three daughters. They are a very kind and hardworking family and the laborer tries his very best to provide for his young children. 

However, they are not exactly rich. They make do with growing a vegetable patch to help lower their daily expenses. And because the father is a daily wage earner, he can't really afford to give his children toys. 

One day, the laborer's wife and two of her daughters came over to our home. She just wanted to have some company so my stepmother and I spoke with her while playing with the two small girls. The youngest daughter is about 8 months old and I noticed she would get rather bored easily and start to cry. 

I decided to give her a small yellow plastic Goofy toy that squeaked whenever you squeezed it. It was pretty old yet still unused and in its wrapper. I removed the wrapper, gave it to the little girl and squeezed -- the plastic Goofy squeaked. The wonder in that young girl's eyes when I squeezed the toy was just amazing. For her, that little plastic toy was magic. She was so happy that she would not let the toy leave her small hands even for a minute. 

When they went back to their home next door, I peeked atop our fence to see the little girl hugging that small piece of plastic like it was a treasure.

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