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Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Scorching Summer

Lemonade with Mint (Nimbu Pani or Shikanjvi)
When daytime temperatures soar and the heat becomes tough to deal with, you need to take certain measures to help you deal with it. Here are some tips to help you stay cool this summer.

  1. Wear natural fabrics -- Cotton and linens are the best fabrics for summer. They help the skin breathe and are able to absorb sweat. Unless you have athletic clothes that have special technology, stay away from synthetics. 
  2. Drink the right type of fluids -- During scorching summer days, the best cooling fluids are plain water, juices, or lemonade with mint. Steer clear of drinks that contain alcohol because they can dehydrate the body. Make sure you drink lots of these fluids to keep your body hydrated. Please do not wait until you actually feel thirsty.
  3. Mint leaves.
    Mint leaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  4. Mint is your friend -- The active ingredient in mint, menthol, helps to give you a "cool" feeling. Make the most out of mint by adding it to your drinks, use dusting powders that contain mint, or get cooling some menthol gel onto your skin before you go outside. Although mint will not lower your body's temperature, it will help you feel cooler. 
  5. Frequent showers -- One of the best ways to help your body temperature is to take a cool shower or bath. If you have access to cool water (there are times when soaring temperatures mean that water from the taps are about as cool as boiling water), take a shower when you begin to feel uncomfortable with the heat.
    Umbrella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  6. Use an umbrella or cap -- Being under direct sunlight can be very harmful. For one, it means you get maximum UV rays. Plus, your skin gets burned because of the heat. Try your best to avoid being under direct sunlight by using an umbrella (who cares if hardly anyone else is using it -- take care of yourself first) or wear a hat or cap to shade your face. 
This summer, make sure that you protect yourself as much as you can from the searing heat. 

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