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Book Review: The Blood Code (Super Agent #4)

The Blood Code by Misty Evans
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Honestly, I have not read the other books in the Super Agent series. The Blood Code is a romantic suspense; with the story centered on Anya Romanov Radzoya who is actually a descendant of the Russian Royal Family. She had been taken by her grandmother to the US after her parents were killed and they had been living under different identities. She works as a geneticist in the US where she has been living for more than 15 years.

However, Russia's president Ivanov is blackmailing her. He has taken the one person that means most to her -- her grandmother. He wants her to do as she is told or her grandmother will be killed. Because Anya is afraid of what might happen, she tries to find someone to help her out by seeking a person her grandmother once knew. Instead she finds, Ryan Smith a CIA operative. Anya makes it clear that she will do anything and everything in her power to find her grandmother and rescue her. 

During a nuclear summit that is being held at the Kremlin, Ryan goes undercover as an assistant to the US President. He is able to keep an eye on Anya as she plays the role of a "special guest" by Ivanov who keeps her by his side constantly. The princess finds out that the Russian president is planning to start a nuclear war. 

The book is an okay read. The story has some good things going for it. However, it is a little bit of a letdown in certain ways. The story is interesting albeit a little bit unbelievable on certain fronts. While reading the book, I feel like I am watching those old movies where the heroes are running in front of the bad guys but do not get hit by the billions of flying bullets being shot their way. The romance is a wee bit too predictable.

All in all, the book is an okay read if you want to entertain yourself reading without having to connect the dots within the story too much. 

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