Friday, June 21, 2013

Celebrate Small Things

It is another Friday and it is that day of the week when we get to celebrate the things we are thankful for.

For those of you who may not have taken a peek at this blog on a Friday, Celebrate Small Things is a blogfest or bloghop where a lot of wonderful people celebrate their achievements during the week, their plans for the following week, or whatever it is that should be celebrated. They also help others celebrate their achievements, plans or just anything they feel like celebrating.

Celebrating small (or even big) things are very important because it allows us to feel good about ourselves, get our confidence levels up, and begin to see the good things that happen to us on a regular basis. Believe it or not, most people tend to remember the bad things, no matter how tiny, but totally ignore all the good things. 

This week, I am so thankful for a lot of things:

1. I was the featured blogger at The SITS Girls last June 19th. (And it felt soooooooooo good)

2. Lucky, our Yellow Labrador family member, is getting better. (He had been suffering from allergies and a bad skin infection)

3. The dozen or so young men in our village who went up on a pilgrimage to Hemkunt Sahib Gurdwara were lucky enough to have come back home before the cloud burst and the flash floods that devastated the area. 

4. I managed to repair my bed sheet which developed a rather long  and nasty tear (thanks to our canine family members). 

5. Our canine family members were both very well-behaved at bath time (which is a first).

Those are the five things I am celebrating today -- with some ice cream and a happy dance.

Whatever it is you are thankful for, congratulations! And I am definitely celebrating with you  :)

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  1. Lots of canine celebrations today, that's awesome :)

  2. Enjoy your ice cream and happy dancing :D Yay that your pooch is feeling better :D