Thursday, June 6, 2013

Compassion for Animals

It is no secret that I love animals -- I always have. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved playing with cats and kittens (most of them strays that find themselves within our yard), and enjoyed watching how other animals go on with their daily lives. However, I also need to admit that I find it pretty hard to appreciate certain types of animals -- namely cockroaches and mosquitoes.
This photo was taken from the Save Phineas Facebook Page 

We have two canine babies that are quite spoiled. There was a time we even had a bovine (cow) baby or two but as my stepmother started getting sick often, we had to consider keeping only the canines. You see, bovines are very sensitive animals and taking care of them requires a lot of work and a lot of TLC. With my stepmother getting sick often, it is unfair to the cows if we are unable to provide them with the love and attention they deserve. 

Our home is a menagerie of sorts. There are pigeons who have made their home atop a high shelf in our garage. They come back every year. And, because we keep two bowls of water always filled on the roof, we find peafowl, squirrels, cats, birds, and the odd monkey stopping by for a drink. Oh... And we also scatter pieces of bread every morning for the birds and some grains for the pigeons and peafowl. 

These days we even have countless wasps and bees having the time of their lives with our house grapes as they are ripening. We never swat them away or spray insecticide because we have learned to deal with them. Believe it or not... When you leave them alone, they will leave you alone unless they perceive a threat to their life. For all the hundreds of wasps and bees that fly around, I have only been stung once and that was only by accident. 

You may think me mad because I even go out of my way to rescue wasps that find their way into our home. They sometimes find their way in when a door opens or when we clean the windows. We keep a small drinking glass and a piece of cardboard ready. Whenever I spot a wasp indoors, I wait until it stays still and then I put a glass over it and carefully slide a piece of cardboard under the glass. Then I carry the glass with the cardboard outside. Once I remove the cardboard, the wasp flies free. If you think me crazy, I do not blame you... My Dad thinks so too. (LOL)

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