Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just a Picture of Signs

I have been driving my parents' childhood friend to the dentist once a week for the past two and a half months now. The thing with being at the dentist's office is that, if you are not the person getting the dental work done, it can be rather boring. Most of the time, I just use my phone to check emails and maybe make a Facebook status update or two. 

Last week, when I was truly bored, I looked out of the window and saw some really weird store signs. They are somewhat typical of most store signs I find on my way to town from our village -- kinda funny. 

So there is the sign for R.D. Tailour (is that British English for "tailor" or is it more like "tail-our?" hehehe)

And the next is for Sharma Hardwere Paint Store (the "H" and "A" are really faded) 

There are other signs that are on the drive over but I do not dare click and drive... There is one for an "attechi" store which sells attache cases... There is a shop that claims they sew "pents" (a.k.a pants)

Anyway, because of the intense heat wave going on where we are (it is currently 44*C or 112.2*F) my brains feel like they have been dunked into a deep fryer so I decided to post this particular pic instead of attempting a serious post. :)

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