Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reading List for June 2013

Okay, I know I am a little late -- a lot, actually. The thing is, I am a very confused bookworm lately. I have so many books in my to-read list and no idea where to start making a dent in it. Plus, I have to keep track (more or less) on books which are about to be released or have just been released. Which ones do I read first? (I get a big headache just thinking about it)

Then, there is the thing about getting advanced copies of books yet to be published (jumping up and down with glee when I get them) only to find that some of them are about as good as the label on the catsup bottle. But I still have to read them anyway... Torture!!!

Anyway, I have decided (right this minute) that these are the books I would like to read this month. Whether I will actually be able to read them is another matter. 

My reading list for June 2013 includes:

by Barbara Freethy

Don't Say A Word

12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12)

by Charmaine Clancy

Dognapped? (A Dog Show Detective Mystery, #1)

by Misty Evans

The Blood Code (Super Agent, #4)

by Celina Grace

Lost Girls

I have included five books in my list this month though I know I will end up reading much more than five books for sure. I will post my reviews of the five books after reading them. 

By the way, all the books are available through 

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