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Book Review: Close My Eyes

Close My Eyes
Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Geniver and Art Loxely are trying to have a baby. After they lost their first child, Beth, who was stillborn, they have been trying very hard to have another child. Beth's death has been very hard on Gen. She used to be a writer but the writing stopped, she flinches when she sees babies, and she has a tough time dealing with friends who have children of their own. Art is a very successful businessman and they have no problems with being able to afford all those expensive IVF treatments to try and have a child.

One day, a lady shows up at Gen's front door and turned Geniver's world on its head. The lady said Bath wasn't dead -- she was not stillborn -- and that the doctor and Art knew about it. Gen is shocked. Her child, her Beth is still somewhere out there and she want's to find her. But Art say's she is being delusional and that the lady is either after some money or it's all some dirty ploy by a business rival. Gen tries to make sense of things but it is not easy. Especially after she finds that Art had spent a lot of money to pay something called an MDO from his personal account. What is going on?

She finds someone to talk to and that someone is Art's old friend, Lorcan. Lorcan appears to understand and is ready to help her find the truth. Together, they try to unravel fact from fiction and find out where Beth may be now. Is Art really in on it? Is it all an elaborate hoax by a jealous business rival? Was it even true that Beth is alive? How can Gen find her? And why would her husband deliberately take her child away from her and lie about it?

Close My Eyes is an interesting psychological thriller. There are many twists and turns and the reader will definitely not be able to guess how things end unless they read the book cover to cover. It is a great read.

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