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Book Review: Lucy's House

Lacey's House by JoAnne Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being different makes life hard and lonely for Lacey Carmichael. She lives in an old house where she has spent her entire life. Kids throw eggs at her house on Halloween and call her a witch. People think she is a mad old lady. Things changed when her neighbor, Albert died. Then people looked at her as a murderer.

Rachel Moore is a painter. She grew up in foster homes and never really had a family to speak of. She wakes up one morning with blood on the sheets and finds out that the baby within her womb has died. Her world crumbled. She tries to start afresh in a small village and rents a beautiful cottage.

Rachel and Lacey become neighbors as Rachel's cottage was where Albert used to live. Two women from two different worlds come together to learn more about each other and themselves. For Lacey, finding someone who truly does care is something short of a miracle. For Rachel, finding Lacey has helped her to learn that burying the past can take a heavy toll. Both finally find some happiness through their friendship.

The book is a very poignant one. The chapters alternate between Rachel and Lacey. Both women have traumatic pasts but Lacey's is more cruel. She had an abusive father and things were not easy at all for her growing up.

The book is of a genre that is very different from those I normally read. But, I liked the book. It is about hope, love, and friendship.

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