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Book Review: Out of the Black

Out of the Black
Out of the Black by John Rector
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Matt Caine is an ex-Marine trying to put his life back together after the death of his wife in an accident. His daughter, Anna, was also hurt in the accident that killed her mother and is just starting to recover from her injuries. Things are tough. Medical bills, mortgage payments, bills, food, and a lot more. Matt is barely able to make ends meet.

At a bar, he meets his old friend Jay who has just gotten out of jail and is a drug addict. Jay is trying to convince him to partner up in a scheme designed to get them some easy money. Matt refuses but Jay is insistent until Matt finally tells him that he will think about it. Then Matt's in-laws call asking him to allow them to care for Anna. Matt refuses but his in-laws have decided to go to court. Matt is at a loss. He has no regular job and has to be content to go to the labor office to grab whatever job he can. He lives in an old house that, as his daughter Anna was able to show him through a Polaroid, has rats. His world is falling apart. Out of desperation, he calls Jay to tell him he is agreeing to partner up.

The team is made up of Jay, Roach, and Matt. They plan to kidnap the wife of an eccentric wealthy man who does not believe in having proper security. The job was supposed to be simple -- kidnap and get the ransom. But things go horribly wrong. Jay dies, Roach runs and Matt is faced with the toughest choice had ever had to make in his life. What will he be willing to do to save his family?

Out of the Black is a fast-paced thriller about a man who has to face the darkness in order to find the light. Though somewhat short, it is a good book that is difficult to put down until the very end.

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