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Book Review: Suspect

SuspectSuspect by Robert Crais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Narrated by: MacLeod Andrews 

For me, nothing can be stronger than the bond between a man and his dog. Maggie is a German Shepherd who is also a "Marine". She was trained to become an expert at sniffing out explosives for the military and had been to Afghanistan twice. However, during her second tour, her handler had gotten under fire and Maggie lost her "alpha."

Scot is a cop. One night, as he wanted to look for the ramen place a colleague had been raving about, he and his partner found themselves witnessing a horrible situation. Stephanie, his partner, got shot. Scot lost his partner and he also barely survived.

Scot is trying to get himself back into the groove. Although he had an option to take things easy, he decided he still wants to be a cop. Only this time, with the K9 team. On the day he was supposed to meet his canine partner, Scot spied on a German Shepherd dog that had a scar on her hind leg and started asking about her. He learned that the dog's name is Maggie and that she was shot and injured in Afghanistan.                     

Maggie and Scot have had very violent and troubled histories. They are both in pain and had been badly hurt -- physically and emotionally. Maybe that is why they were able to find a connection and became each other's friend. They became "pack." Together they try to make it through their K9 training and find the truth about what happened during that fateful night when Stephanie was murdered.

Suspect is a very exciting story which I just could not let go of until I finished it. Robert Crais did excellent work writing about Maggie's point of view. Having been around dogs for many years, I think he got things right. 

This is definitely one audiobook I will keep coming back to.

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