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Book Review: Endurance

Endurance (Razorland, #1.5)Endurance by Ann Aguirre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Endurace is a short novel that forms part of the Razorland series. It is the story of Deuce's friends, Thimble and Stone and how they fared after her exile.

Stone is a Breeder, specifically a sire. He is tasked with mating with female breeders and for caring for the Brats. Unknown to the elders, Stone has learned which child among the Brats is his own and that is against the rules. Although he cares for his friend Deuce, he had no choice but to turn his back on her during her exile because he had his Brat to protect.

Thimble is a Builder. She is lucky enough to have been allowed to be part of the settlement even though she limps. It was only because she works harder than anyone else and is able to have full use of her other limbs that she has been allowed to live. She would otherwise have been Freak-food. In College, only the strong can survive. Thimble knows Deuce had done nothing wrong but was exiled anyway.

The settlement of College had not been the same since Deuce and Fade had been exiled. Factions within the settlement have started to fight among themselves. After a deadly confrontation between the factions, the people of College have just started to put things back together.

However, before they were able to recover, the Freaks attack. Together, Stone and Thimble try to escape and stay alive. They are taking Stone's Brat with them. They now have to face the Freaks on their own -- a limping Builder and a simple-minded Breeder, and a young child.

Endurance is rather short but is a good read nonetheless. However, it lacks the excitement and adventure of Enclave and Outpost. Readers of the two books who are curious about how the Enclave fared after Deuce and Fade's exile, will find this novela interesting.

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