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Book Review: Dukkha Reverb

Dukkha Reverb: A Sam Reeves Martial Arts Thriller
Dukkha Reverb: A Sam Reeves Martial Arts Thriller by Loren W Christensen
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Dukkha Reverb is a martial arts thriller. I have never read one before so I thought it was time to try it out. The story is about a martial arts instructor and a police detective, Sam Reeves. He has just had just been through a very traumatic case and is having some problems dealing with all of what happened.

Sam is suffering from nightmares and, although they are not as bad as they were before, they still torment him. To make sense out of all that has happened and to also have a break, he decides to visit his father in Vietnam.

Sam is 34 years old. He had been brought up by his mother and his grandfather. He had believed that his father was dead until, Samuel -- his father, showed up in Portland a short time ago. He learns that his father has a family in Vietnam. Now, when things are not so good, he thought he would visit his father and his family.

However, there is a mob boss who is after Sam and his family named Lai Van Tan. The mob boss blames Sam and his family for the death of his son. While in Vietnam, Sam and his family learn that the mob boss is kidapping young women and selling them to become sex slaves.

The family decides to rescue the kidnapped women with the help of some old and disabled Vietnamese soldiers. Together they try to put the mob out of business but have to face seemingly endless attacks by the crazed Lai Van Tan and his mobsters.

Dukkha Reverb is an exciting read and there is a lot of action. It is also a way to view what it is like to be in Vietnam -- what it looks like, the food, the traffic, and how life is in that bustling country.

As for the martial arts, because I am not familiar with the 'moves' or the terminology used in martial arts, I do find myself unable to understand some of the action. Other than that it is a good read if you are into lots of action.

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