Friday, September 20, 2013

Celebrate Small Things

Another weekend is among us... Friday is like weekend eve, right? 

Celebrate The Small Things is a simple bloghop where bloggers can sign up on the linky below or at Viklit, write about anything celebration worthy or are thinking of celebrating, and then do the hop! 

This Friday I am celebrating...

1. We suffered no real damage from that really bad squall that hit us last Sunday -- Yay!!!

2.  My stepmother's sister came over to visit and gave us a box of sweets and nice new stuff for us -- everybody loves gifts :)

3. The grapefruit tree is fruiting and they are almost ripe!

4. It is a beautiful day today :)

Whatever it is you are celebrating, I am celebrating with you :)

Posted by: Bames Pabla
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  1. Gifts and a beautiful day... ah! Enjoy.

    Shah X

  2. Ooh sweets, that sounds like a great gift! It sounds like you've had a good week :)

  3. The tone of your post is really happy. Congratulations on having such a fantastic week.

  4. Any storm bad enough to make this list must have been scary. Glad you are ok.

    Rhonda - I'm celebrating at Laugh-Quotes

  5. Glad you suffered no real damage and hurrah to sweets.