Monday, March 18, 2013

We Have a WInner for the First Ever Bames Live Giveaway

If you remember (well, I almost forgot), Bames Live had it's very first giveaway thingy which started last February 18, 2013 and it ran until yesterday (March 18, 2013) through Rafflecopter.

This morning, I logged into Rafflecopter to draw the winner. Please note that I did not personally choose the winner. The winner was chosen by Rafflecopter.

Drumroll please.................................

And the winner of a $10 Gift Card is:

Hannah Wright

Congratulations, Hannah!

I have sent you an email notifying you that you have won a $10 GiftCard

I hope you enjoy buying new books (or whatever else you decide to do with your gift card)... :)

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