Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Craving Cakes

I have a sweet tooth (inherited from my Dad) and among my favorite sweet things to gorge on are cakes. 'Just can't resist them. Especially cakes that are encased in colorful layers of butter icing (salivating already!) And I absolutely cannot resist those multi-layered cakes. 

Among my favorites are Chocolate Torte, Black Forest, Blueberry Cheescake, Ube Cake (Red Ribbon in the Philippines makes the most delicious Ube Cakes I have ever tasted -- I miss it), Mango Cake, and any other cake that has lots of vanilla or chocolate (emphasis on chocolate -- hehehe).
English: A Slice of Cake Made With Ube Ελληνικ...
English: A Slice of Cake Made With Ube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In India, specifically in the village where we live, one can get cakes from the nearest town (Banga). You can even choose whether to get an "eggless" cake or one that has eggs. There are even "pastries" which are basically small slices of cake! 

I can't wait for the day that a cake shop opens here in our village (fingers, toes, hands, arms, legs, and even eyes crossed). Though there are a few shops that sell samosas, and sweets, there isn't a single bakery in the village. Which is really too bad as the village is growing in leaps and bounds. When I first came to India in 1997, there wasn't much around here except some houses, and a general store or two. If we needed supplies, we had to go to town. But now, every single inch of real estate has become sought after. 

Anyway, with my Dad's birthday coming up, I think I can look forward to some lovely cakes pretty soon. :) 

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