Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dogs In Our Lives

Dogs are a man's best friend or so the saying goes. Having had canine companions for the past 20 years, I guess I can honestly say that the saying is true. 

We had our very first canine baby when we were living in the Philippines around 1986. There was an incident where robbers tried to break into our house and attacked my mother. Fortunately she managed to protect herself and hit one of the robbers in the head with a rock. 

One of our neighbors, they lived behind our home, gave us a small puppy. They told us it was for additional security. He was a fluffy ball of white fur and I named him Scruffy. There was another robbery attempt some years after and Scruffy (being a nice handsome and brave adult dog by then) chased the men away. He died from old age soon after my mom died. We had many wonderful doggie babies after that -- there was Muffy, Angel, Enri, and Starlight.

When I came to India, we also had a Pomeranian named Soni. She was probably the smartest doggie we ever had. She would accompany my stepmother when she would go to the cow-shed to milk our cow (named "Cow"). She will not stop bugging my stepmother until she gave him a bowl of fresh milk. When she had puppies, she would make sure that she picks up things during her walks to bring home to her "kids." 

However, 11 years ago, she died leaving two puppies -- Jyoti and Moti. Though not as well-behaved as their mom, those two doggies were the loves of our life. But one day, Moti managed to go outside and ran after some stray dogs that bit him and he died. Jyoti was never the same again -- he became short-tempered and rather sad.

Jyoti and Lucky on the bed
Five years ago, my stepmother started asking me about puppies because Jyoti was getting old, she said. She wanted another doggie-baby. Luckily, a friend gave me a wonderful Yellow Labrador as a birthday gift -- we named him Lucky. Jyoti was a big bully at first (he still is, actually) but Lucky is a sweet dog with oodles of patience. The two of them are a handful and there are times when they drive us nuts. But, the joy, love, patience, and energy they share with us are priceless. 

Every time we come home, both of them will run towards us with their tails wagging so hard it seems like they might break off. They would jump with excitement. No matter how tired I may be, when I come home and they gang up on me with their happy wagging tails and crazy jumps, I instantly feel much better. 

Meal times can be crazy. No matter how bad you may want to eat something... At our house, you have to divide each and every piece of food you have by three (one portion for you and one for each of them). And if there are carrots, cauliflower, oranges, apples or cucumber -- well, you can kiss over half of them goodbye. :)

Dogs are a man's best friend -- that is true. But they are also part of our family. 

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