Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fiction is the Love of My Life

I love books... I love to read... But most of all... I love to read fiction books! (Am I making sense here?) 

The fact is, no matter how hard I try (and I do try pretty hard), non fiction just does not do much for me. I have read a few of them and I can't really say I was moved or touched by any of them except for one (When A Tree Shook Delhi: The 1984 Carnage And Its Aftermath by Manoj Mitta, H.S. Phoolka). 

All the other books that have been part of my life are all fiction books. I remember the very first book that made me cry -- The Great Gatsby by F. Scot Fitzgerald. The ending just made tears fall from my eyes! 

The cover of the first edition of The Great Ga...
The Great Gatsby (1925) 
Maybe the reason I love fiction books is that it allows me to be transported somewhere else. Those stories are able to make me forget that the world is not as fair as I would like it to be. Fiction allows me to take time out and visit distant lands that I probably will never get to see. I get to be a teenager on an adventure, a detective trying to solve a case, a spy being hunted by the agency I used to work for, a princess, a baker trying to deal with a Nazi war criminal... People I could never, ever be. 

I remember reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher and having goosebumps. Stephen King's The Shining left me so scared I was unable to sleep for days! Gone With The Wind left me breathless (and I had a major crush on Rhet -- probably still do.)
The tragedies in The Thorn Birds were overwhelming (but I was also aghast at just how unlucky some people could get).

There is a magic in Fiction that cannot be found in any other type of books. No matter how scary the story is, or how tragic, you know that you can step out of the book and go back to making sure that the dogs are fed and that dinner doesn't burn. It gives you a short vacation from the realities of life. 

Fiction is and will always be the love of my life. 

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