Sunday, April 7, 2013

Acts of Kindness

I remember that movie Pay It Forward. It had Haley Joel Osment playing the role of a young boy, Trevor, who decided to take a school assignment very seriously. The assignment was to think of something that could change the world and how to make it happen. Trevor came up with an idea that when someone does a person a favor, it is not to be paid back but paid forward -- good deeds are not to be paid back by a return favor but will be paid back by doing a good deed for each of three new people. 

Can you imagine how such an idea could change the world if each and every person would simply follow that concept? Being kind doesn't mean that we have to do something major or that we need to spend a lot of money. 

Even the simplest things can make a difference in someone else's life. If you feel like you are up to the challenge, here are some simple acts of kindness that could really make someone's day brighter.

  1. Give someone a portion of that nice recipe that you had prepared for lunch. 
  2. Smile while driving. It will make that other driver smile too. Smiles are contagious.
  3. Buy an extra coffee and give it to a colleague at work. Or better yet buy that guy standing after you in line at the coffee shop. 
  4. Stick a post-it on the restroom mirror with the words "you are a wonderful person."
  5. Hold the door open for someone behind you be it a lady or a gentleman.
  6. Give up your seat to a senior person or a pregnant woman in the bus or train (or on a park bench).
  7. Give a piece of fruit or a cookie to the delivery person.
  8. Kindness is not meant to be offered only to people. Feed a stray cat or dog with even a few pieces of bread or some pet food. Or you can simply leave a bowl of water for animals to drink.
  9. Help an elderly person cross the street.
  10. Help someone carry their bags to their car at the supermarket.
There are a lot more ways you can show kindness to others that could really make their day. The only investment required is your willingness to try and do it. 

Smiling costs absolutely nothing but it is priceless to others.

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