Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Onions Make Me Cry

Anybody who has ever tried their hand at skinning and/or cutting onions know very well that onions can make you cry. Because I kind of like to cook (I cannot really say that all the stuff I make is edible, though no one who tasted my cooking  has had to be rushed to the hospital, yet), I get to cry a lot; especially since my step mother insists on using only those dark red onions (they can really sting your eyes and make you cry buckets full).

The onion is pretty important in cooking. There are many recipes that require the inclusion of onions. At home, my Dad usually makes sure that he plants some onions in our vegetable garden so that we would not have to buy them. But, there are times, though not that often, that we need to buy some and that makes me cry too -- they can get pretty expensive.
Red Onions

I have tried every trick I could unearth about how not to have tears flowing down my face whenever I skin or cut onions. None have worked so far. Though I have noticed that washing the onions after skinning them can
 ease the sting just a tad. 

If anyone out there has some tips, please do share because I would really like to cry a little less while handling onions. :)

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