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Book Review: One Year Lived

One Year Lived

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A few days ago, I received an email from the author Adam Shepard asking me to be among a group of people chosen to receive a copy of his newest book, One Year Lived. (Yay!) He had sent me a copy of the book which I enjoyed reading. 

Adam Shepard self-published his first book Scratch Beginnings in 2010. The book was successful and he is now back, three years later with his new book entitled One Year Lived. 

Adam Shepard’s new book, One Year Lived, chronicles his experiences as he took a journey to self-discovery. He was a man who had always dreamed of going to places all over the world. Adam spent about two years saving enough money so he could spend a year travelling. He was able to put together less than $20,000. 

It is amazing how he was able to make do with all his adventures while having limited financial resources. He is not only adventurous, but also willing to work hard to be able to make his dream of travelling the world possible. 

His book is so full of detail of his experiences. His words practically transports you to the places he has been. He makes it easy for readers to “see” what he has seen. Adam was not all about taking in the sights. He also worked his way through his travels and spent a lot of time learning more about the people he met. He also got himself involved in a lot of adventures -- some of them rather dangerous like running with bulls while he was in Spain. 

Mr. Shepard describes himself as a man who takes risks and I would say that he does take some really big ones. The risks he takes to make his books full of such great stories which excite readers no end. 

In his book, Adam tries to push young individuals to try their best to travel the world. And after reading the book One Year Lived, I am sure that a lot of those people will be more than running to get their travel documents in order. 

One Year Lived is a great read. Many readers will be able to get inspiration from Adam Shepard’s experiences and advice. 

To help celebrate the release of Adam's new book. Bames Live is announcing a giveaway where the winner will win a copy of One Year Lived. 

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Reading is Cool

The written word is very powerful. It has the power to transform people. It inspires, teaches, comforts, answers, motivates, provides knowledge, induces laughter, and even scares. No matter what, reading is cool. 

For me, nothing is more powerful than reading and my most favorite thing to read is a book. A book can help me to travel to places I may never ever get to visit in my lifetime. It also helps me to learn a new skill (like how knit or sew a new design). A book is able to help me lose myself in wonderful stories that allows me to take a break from my daily routine. 

Another thing about reading is that it is cheaper than other options like video games or other gadgets. You can do it anywhere -- on a bus, while waiting in line, or while waiting for that microwave to beep. When you read, you are never alone. You get to spend time with magical words that wrap themselves all around you to give you comfort. Reading helps you grow. It does not matter if the words you are reading are found in a magazine, newspaper, comic book, paperback, or an ebook. All that matters is that you meet those words and let them speak to you. 

Words will love you unconditionally. No matter what you have done wrong, no matter what mistakes you may have made, no matter how you may have messed up, words are there just waiting for you to read them and help you feel better. Reading may even help you find out what you had done wrong and how you may be able to make things all better. 

Reading can help you learn more about the past and how to learn from what has happened. It can help you imagine what may come in the future and it also helps you make sense of the present. So lose yourself in the magic of the written word.

Reading is cool. Try it. It can change your life.

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