Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ube -- Yummy Purple Yam

I find the color purple pretty attractive. Especially in food. Somehow having a purple-colored cake or ice cream makes my mouth water more than any other. Maybe it is because I have great fondness for ube or purple yam. In the Philippines, it is one of the most common main ingredients in many desserts. Its taste and color is amazing.

Ube Ice Cream
The scientific name of Ube is Dioscorea alata. It is most commonly referred to as purple yam. Though many people confuse it with taro, ube is very different. Ube is also different from purple potatoes and purple sweet potatoes. Although ube is found in many places, the Philippines is where it is most widely used. 

Ube halaya (purple yam jam) is a wonderful dessert. It is made by boiling grated ube and adding condensed milk, vanilla extract, and butter. It is soft, creamy and melts in your mouth. It is one of the things I really miss because I have not yet been able to find any purple yams in India. Ube halaya makes a delicious topping for a cold glass filled with halo-halo (literally translated as "mix-mix" -- it is a combination of many ingredients served with shaved ice and milk)

Other great ube desserts are ube ice cream, ube cake, cookies,  and ube candies. 

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